Friday, 9 September 2011

Sex, The Purest Forms of Human Endeavor.

Within every woman’s body lies the potential for ex-traordinary pleasure—pleasure so consuming and compelling that, once experienced, it immediately and permanently re-defines a woman’s understanding of her own sexuality. Every woman deserves to discover this potential and embrace this pleasure.
Sex is believe as one of the purest forms of human endeavor. Sex is kaleidoscopic in its expressive and experiential possibility. It can be joyously exuberant. It can be a thrilling adventure into the unknown. It can be soothing and centering. Sex cuts to the core of who you are as an individual. It is the ultimate arena of sharing
between people. It is the nourishing confluence of so many special elements: touch, physicality, communication, play, genital activity, arousal, orgasm, and intimacy.  But none of this is possible if we are not connected to our own sensual potential .

There is one thing that stands alone in the realm of sexual fulfillment—something call Sexual Orgasm. While there are many wonderful roads that will lead you to the realization of your fullest sexual potential. 
Sexual Orgasm is the sexual holy grail, the centerpiece for body, mind, and spirit integration for every woman. It connects you directly to your sensual core, plugs you into your power, your joy, and your desire, it gives you a sense of control and a sense of sexual confidence you would never have thought possible, and it is the key to discovering your sensual potential. Sexual Orgasm is actually an instantaneous vaginal orgasm that is
triggered by penetrating an area of the vagina known as the cul-de-sac.

Sexual Orgasm is such a powerful experience but it is very important that you understand that Sexual Orgasm is far more than just an explosive orgasm; it is your passport to a lifetime of sensual and sexual excitement. This is because in the process of learning Sexual Orgasm techniques, you will develop a level of erotic sensitivity and control that is completely new and different. And it will breathe energy and vitality into your most intimate relationships.

Control is a word that is central to female sexuality. Women want to have control when they make love. It is not about women wanting to be dominatrices or women wanting to be on top—which is what you might think. 
No, women want to enjoy fully every scintilla of their lovemaking, from sensual caressing to supersonic climaxes. They want to take advantage of every possibility for pleasure. Doesn’t this ring true for you?
Sexual Orgasm will put you in control. Once you learn it you will be able to decide if you want to have your explosive climax at the beginning of intercourse  or  wait till your partner is on the verge or orgasm  or  have multiple explosive orgasms or  have it all! All of this will be available to you. You will have the control.

It frees you from performance worries and disappointments because your climax becomes such a gorgeous certainty. For many women, having orgasms has become a point of pressure, disappointment, and even
unhappiness.When you are in control, you are in command of your own body, you understand its vast sexual potential, andyou can realize this potential at your choosing. When you are able to mobilize your sexual and sensual essence when you want it and how you want it, you  do  in fact surrender. But you know in every fiber of your body that you are surrendering not to the supremacy of your partner, but to your own volatile, deliciously consuming sexuality. You are completely free to revel in what your body has to offer and in the magic this brings to your relationship.

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