Friday, 27 May 2011

Orgasm Can Eliminate Migraine

Dr. James Crouch of Southern Illinois School of Medicine has studied 25 people with migraine. The result, sex can treat headaches. Orgasm can also eliminate migraine.

He then asks all patients to perform sexual reach orgasm. The result, nine of them reported their headaches disappear once they have orgasm. While the remaining free from that suffering.

And many other facts about the benefits of sex. Such as the following:

1. Sex alleviate pain. Orgasm is a natural pain medicine.
2. Sex removes cramps during menstruation.
3. Sex to burn calories.
4. Sex that strengthen the pelvic muscles if done regularly.
5. Sex increase estrogen.

Orgasms are nice – so nice that, for women at least, they kinda make you invincible. Neuroscientists studied women pleasuring themselves while in MRI body scanners, to see what happens inside the brain during orgasm. They found that 30 different parts of the brain light up with pleasure so strong that the nervous system begins to shut down—making it more difficult for a woman to feel pain.

Orgasms Shut Down the nervous system in women and make them Invincible. 

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