Saturday, 28 May 2011

The We-Vibe II

The We-Vibe II is small enough to be worn while making love and it is the only hands free clitoral vibe with no straps, panties, wires or rings to get in the way. This form fitting and comfortable vibe is made from medical grade silicone and is rechargeable and completely waterproof. This massager is about 10 times more powerful than a typical bullet and it has no batteries to fuss with. 7 modes of vibration! Including:Low(3000 RPM), High(5000 RPM), Throb, Wave, Pulse, Rev, Tease, Slo-Rev, and Cha-Cha!

Customer Reviews
This review is from: We Vibe II (Health and Beauty)
My Favorite Toy
It doesn't get much better than this inside you while being penetrated!
Hard to explain but trust me it is intense!
Mind blowing orgasms over and over.
Would work great for a straight couple also.
Mmm Mmm I get incredibly wet when I use this.
Like never before. 

Fun Toy
This is a very fun accessory. It's very versatile and waterproof. 
Use with plenty of lube. Great alone, but even better with a partner. 
So, if you are looking to spice things up with him/her, 
I would definitely recommend getting this. 

Too much too soon
This is a great item and I'd like to use it more. 
The only problem is that from the moment I put it in my wife, 
she comes within 30 seconds. 
She also says its a weak orgasm
not nearly as strong as from cunnilingus or manual stimulation during sex. 
The first time we tried it, I was able to do her with it in, and it felt amazing to me. 
But, she came very fast and wanted it out before she let me finish. 
I hope we get to try it more often and master this very potent toy.  

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